SCARP prof calls for Chinese community to save Chinatown’s character

A discussion panel was held in May at SFU Woordward’s about Everything Will Be, a documentary about the decay of Chinatown. The speakers in the panel argued that Chinatown is not in decline but changing on many different levels. School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) Adjunct Professor Nathan Edelson said the Chinese community needs to take an active role in preserving Chinatown’s character, calling for an analysis of the area’s urban design.

SCARP prof discusses Surrey’s LRT plan despite transit tax rejection

According to The Province, Mayor Linda Hepner will proceed with her plan to build a light rail track in Surrey despite the majority of residents voting against raising taxes to fund the project. Hepner plans to rely on a public-private partnership, along with provincial and federal funding. School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) Professor Larry Frank says the plan is “very ambitious” and adds that Surrey’s downtown density is projected to increase fivefold by 2040.

Engineers in Scrubs students’ Screw Cutter Project runner-up for James Dyson Award

Engineers in Scrubs and Biomedical Engineering students Gregory Allan, Vivian Chung, Andrew Meyer and Shalaleh Rismani were listed as runner-up of the 2015 James Dyson Award with their Screw Cutter Project. The Screw Cutter helps surgeons in the developing world create custom surgical screws for mending broken bones.

SALA prof questions artificial lawns’ safety and lack of habitat value

Artificial grass is gaining popularity for people interested in its aesthetic appeal and low maintenance. But School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) Professor Susan Herrington raises some concerns, saying synthetic lawns have no habitat value. “Something living is different than a piece of plastic…Animals can’t eat it, things can’t live in it that would normally live in the grass environment.” She also refers to reports that have questioned its safety for sports. 


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