Chemical and Biological Engineering Sushi and Games Night

Chemical and Biological Engineering Sushi and Games Night

In the heart of the city of Vancouver, eight old friends from Chemical and Biological Engineering finally reunited after years of separation. Each had embarked on unique career paths, but their bond remained intact. Their love for sushi and board games brought them together on this memorable evening filled with laughter, reminiscence, and intense matches of the word-based card game, Anomia. The friends hugged and greeted each other with warm smiles. The delightful aroma of freshly prepared sushi tantalized their senses, immediately invoking a sense of comfort and familiarity. As they settled around a long table, they wasted no time in consuming their favorite rolls and sashimi, eager to catch up on each other's lives.

As plates of sushi adorned the table, the friends exchanged stories of their respective journeys in the field of engineering. From groundbreaking research in machine learning to innovative solutions in mechanical engineering, they were amazed at how their paths had diverged yet remained interconnected through the common thread of engineering. Between bites, the conversation delved into shared college memories—the all-nighters spent in the lab, the late-night pizza runs, and the hilarious mishaps during exams. They laughed as they recalled the camaraderie that had formed during those formative years, which had only grown stronger with time.

After satiating their appetite with sushi, they decided to continue their evening with board games. Among the stack of games was "Anomia," a fast-paced, brain-twisting game that challenged their reaction times and language recall. It was a perfect choice for a group of language-savvy engineers who loved the thrill of competition. The rules of Anomia were simple, yet the gameplay was hilariously chaotic. Players took turns flipping cards from their decks, each card displaying a category and symbol. The challenge was to shout out an example that fit the category on an opponent's card before they could do the same for yours. The result was a frenzy of words, laughter, and occasional moments of bewildered silence as they tried to recall seemingly simple words under pressure. The game brought out the best of their competitive spirits, and it was evident that the engineering mindset was still deeply ingrained in their approach to problem-solving. Quick thinking, mental agility, and lightning-fast reactions were put to the test, and they reveled in the rush of adrenaline that accompanied each round.

As the game progressed, they couldn't help but draw parallels between Anomia and their professional lives. The rapid-fire recall of information mirrored the on-the-spot decision-making required in their engineering roles. And just like in the game, they appreciated how collaboration and teamwork had always played a crucial role in their success as engineers. It was a night of bonding, where the laughter echoed through the room, and the joy of being among friends filled their hearts. As the clock struck late into the night, the games finally came to an end, but the memories of their reunion would endure. They hugged tightly, promising not to let years pass before they met again. As they bid each other farewell, they carried with them a renewed sense of camaraderie and gratitude for the bond they shared. The sushi, the games, and the heartfelt conversations had reaffirmed that no matter how different their paths in life might be, the foundation of their friendship would forever remain unshakable—forged in the crucible of engineering, strengthened through shared experiences, and celebrated over the joy of a simple yet unforgettable game night.

Submitted by Carolina Trujillo Sanchez, BASc '20

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