Faculty Experts

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Name Dept Areas of Research
Jerzy Wojtowicz Jerzy Wojtowicz School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Mechatronics and architecture, where kinetic aspects of design together with basics of robotics are applied to responsive architecture forecasting the emergence of a field of architectronics in design
Angela Wolff Angela Wolff School of Nursing
Creating infrastructure, resources and supports for clinical educators to maximize Fraser Health and its services
Vincent Wong Vincent Wong Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Protocol design, optimization, wireless networks, smart grid, machine-to-machine communications, RFID, and intelligent transportation systems
Sabrina Wong Sabrina Wong School of Nursing
Organization and delivery of health care services within the context of primary health care
Gurangrui Xia Guangrui (Maggie) Xia Department of Materials Engineering
Group IV semiconductors in microelectronics, Ge-on-Si lasers, 2D semiconductors, 3D integration of ICs, Raman spectroscopy
Joseph Yan Joseph Yan Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Micromechatronics, microfabrications, microassembly and biomimetic robotics
Tony Yang Tony Yang Department of Civil Engineering
Seismic behavior and design of steel, concrete and composite structures, seismic behavior and design of tall buildings, develop performance-based evaluation methodology and code design procedures for new and existing structures, using innovative structural component and systems to improve structural performance, including the use of innovative active, semi-active and passive energy dissipation systems, develop accurate and cost effective experimental methods to analyze structural response under extreme loading conditions
Matthew Yedlin Matthew Yedlin Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Acoustic wave propagation, including acoustic diffraction, asymptotic expansions, numerical wave modeling, laboratory wave modeling and source signature generation for seismic cross-well tomography. Applied digital signal processing
Ian yellowley Ian Yellowley Department of Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing, product design, process modeling, design, and optimization, sensor development, embedded system design
Nobo Yonemitsu Noboru Yonemitsu Department of Civil Engineering
IR-NDT technologies, turbulent fluid mechanics, environmental fluid mechanics, ecological fluid mechanics, wastewater treatment
Claire Yan Claire Yu Yan School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)
Computational fluid dynamics, renewable energy technologies, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, HVAC and refrigeration
Cristina Cristina Zanotti Department of Civil Engineering
Infrastructure repair and durability, sustainable construction materials, alternative cementitious materials, durability of concrete structures, historical heritage structures, concrete-concrete bond, numerical analysis of reinforced concrete structures, early-age thermal cracking, fiber reinforced concrete
David Zielnicki David Zielnicki School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Ryan Ziels Ryan Ziels Department of Civil Engineering
Sustainable biological wastewater treatment, resource recovery, microbial ecology, multi-omics, anaerobic digestion, biological nutrient removal, microbial biotechnology
Naomi Zimmerman Naomi Zimmerman Department of Mechanical Engineering