Faculty Experts

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Name Dept Areas of Research
Wayne Beggs Wayne Beggs School of Community & Regional Planning
Rural Community Futures programs, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, the Federal Homelessness Program and Western Economic Diversification Canada
Curtis Berlinguette Curtis Berlinguette Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Solar energy conversion, solar fuels, clean hydrogen production, electrolysis
Pierre Berube Pierre Bérubé Department of Civil Engineering
Drinking water treatment, filtration/membrane processes for water and wastewater treatment, distribution system water quality, advanced oxidation, wastewater reuse
Konstantin Beznosov Konstantin Beznosov Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Usable security, design of security mechanisms, distributed systems, security, access control, engineering secure software
Vijay Bhargava Vijay Bhargava Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Green communications, cognitive and cooperative wireless systems, MIMO-OFDM systems, cross-layer analysis
Xiaotao Bi Xiaotao (Tony) Bi Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Fluidization, reactor design, electrostatics, PEM fuel cells, pollution control, biomass processing, green engineering
Lukas Bichler Lukas Bichler School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)
Advanced characterization of materials, new alloy development, manufacturing processes
Alex Bigazzi Alex Bigazzi Department of Civil Engineering, School of Community & Regional Planning
Motor vehicle emissions, active transportation, air quality and exposure, traffic management, ITS, transport system and scenario modeling
Kerry Black Kerry Black School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)
Peter Boothroyd Peter Boothroyd School of Community & Regional Planning
Urban policy, social planning, impact assessment, community development, community-based planning to contribute to sustainability and equity
Geertje Boschma Geertje Boschma School of Nursing
History of nursing and health care, with special emphasis on mental health and mental health nursing.
Bruce Bowen Bruce Bowen Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Biomedical modelling; natural convection; electro-kinetic phenomena; emulsification; particle deposition; transport phenomena
Richard Branion Richard Branion Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Microbial leaching; oil-water separation; paper technology; wastewater treatment
Joshua Brinkerhoff Joshua Brinkerhoff School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)
Fluid instability and turbulence; Computational fluid dynamics; Environmental fluid mechanics
Linda Brock Linda Brock School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Materials and construction, sustainable design
Helen Brown Helen Brown School of Nursing
Maternal-infant and women’s health care, practice and policy.
Annette Brown Annette Browne School of Nursing
Health and healthcare inequities, with a particular focus on health inequities affecting indigenous peoples.
Victoria Bungay Victoria Bungay School of Nursing
Addressing inequities that negatively affect people’s health and well-being including the devastating effects of stigma, discrimination and violence.
Marlene Burrows Marlene Burrows School of Nursing
Kendal Bushe Kendal Bushe Department of Mechanical Engineering
Numerical simulation of turbulent combustion in internal combustion engines and gas turbines, model development for turbulence/chemistry interactions, chemical kinetic mechanism development, and renewable fuels for heavy-duty transportation and stationary power applications