Faculty Experts

The Faculty of Applied Science’s Communication Office is happy to help you connect with an expert in architecture, landscape architecture, community and regional planning, engineering or nursing. For assistance, please contact Wendy McHardy, Acting Director, Marketing & Communications, at 604-827-4762 or wendy.mchardy@ubc.ca.

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What area of research are you interested in:

Name Dept Areas of Research
Aamodt, Tor EECE Computer architecture, microarchitecture and programming models for energy efficient compute accelerators.
Abello, Juan MECH
Abolmaesumi, Purang EECE Biomedical Engineering with emphasis on computer-assisted surgery, image-guided therapy and medical image analysis.
Abugharbieh, Rafeef EECE Medical image computing
Adebar, Perry CIVL Concrete structures: seismic design, high-rise buildings, shear design, evaluation and repair of structures.
Agharebparast, Farshid EECE Wireless and data networking technologies
Alam, M. Shahria UBCO Smart materials, seismic rehabilitation of steel, concrete, and masonry, seismic analysis and building design
Altintas, Yusuf MECH Chatter stability of machining operations, virtual machining process modeling, simulation and optimization, trajectory generation and motion control of high speed machine tools, dynamics of high speed spindles, precision machining, and sensors and actuators for machine tool testing and monitoring
Angeles, Lenora (Nora) SCARP Community and international development studies and social policy, participatory planning and governance, participatory action research, and the politics of transnational feminist networks, women’s movements and agrarian issues, particularly in the Southeast Asian region, women’s and gender studies
Asselin, Edouard MTRL Hydrometallurgy (including leaching, electrometallurgy and residue characterization), electrochemistry (including high temperature electrochemistry and sensors)
Atabaki, Nima MECH Loop heat pipes, two-phase fluid flow and heat transfer, effective thermal conductivity of fluid saturated sintered powder metal plates, and HVAC systems
Atwater, Jim CIVL Solid waste management, leachate generation, characterization and treatment, groundwater contamination, groundwater mitrification/denitrification
Bacca, Mattia MECH Microstructural evolution under severe plastic deformation, Dry adhesion, Cell mechanics, Homogenization, Multi-scale mechanics, Acoustic metamaterials
Baldwin, Susan CHBE Bioprocess engineering, anaerobic fermentation, bioremediation, reactor modeling, biochemical reaction modeling, reaction kinetics
Banthia, Nemkumar (Nemy) CIVL Materials engineering; concrete; advanced composite materials; shotcrete, fibre reinforcement, rebound mechanics, kinamatic studies, optimization; supplementary cementing materials in concrete
Barr, Peter MTRL Rotary kilns, steel reheating furnaces, greenhouse gas issues
Bass, John SALA Globalization and contested territory, infrastructure, social equity, visualization and community engagement
Beasley, Larry SCARP City planning, urban design, urbanism around the world, international planning consultancy, architecture, landscape architecture
Bérubé, Pierre CIVL Drinking water treatment, filtration/membrane processes for water and wastewater treatment, distribution system water quality, advanced oxidation, wastewater reuse
Beznosov, Konstantin EECE Usable security, design of security mechanisms, distributed systems, security, access control, engineering secure software