UBC Applied Science profs receive UBC research awards

profs panorama image

Four members of the UBC Applied Science faculty have received 2019 UBC Faculty Research Awards. Aimed at recognizing outstanding UBC researchers in the arts, business, applied science, science and medicine, the awards are selected annually by UBC’s Faculty Research Award Committee.

The UBC Applied Science-affiliated recipients are:

Gwynn Elfring, a mechanical engineering professor who uses applied mathematics to tackle a range of science and engineering questions, including how cells swim and interact with each other, has been awarded a UBC Killam Research Fellowship (Junior Category) that will allow him “to pursue full-time research during a recognized study leave.”   

Ian Frigaard, a mechanical engineering professor who conducts research in non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and industrial mathematical modelling, has received a UBC Killam Research Prize (Senior Category) for his “outstanding research and scholarly contributions.”

Ali Mesbah, an electrical and computer engineering professor whose research focuses on software testing and the dynamic analysis of modern web-based systems, was awarded the UBC Killam Research Prize in the Junior Category.

Edouard Asselin, a professor of materials engineering and Canada Research Chair on Aqueous Processing of Metals, received the Charles A. McDowell Award for Excellence in Research, which aims to “[recognize] demonstrated excellence in pure or applied scientific research by a young faculty member.”

For the full list of recipients, please visit UBC Research + Innovation's Faculty Research Award Winners page