Zheng Liu

Zheng Liu

Associate Professor

School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)

Research focus:

Zheng Liu's research is focused on acquiring and analyzing information to solve practical engineering problems affecting a broad range of industries and infrastructure. To acquire information, Zheng works on developing intelligent sensing systems, which can efficiently integrate different types of sensors, instruments, and measurement devices together for specific tasks and applications, such as assessing the condition of aircrafts and civil infrastructure. To analyze acquired data, he develops algorithms to facilitate the flow of information from raw sensor or measurement data to high-level understanding, where the data or information fusion is a key technology. Effort is put into the fusion methodology research, which intends to achieve a more precise and reliable analytic result by combining information from multiple sensors or data sources.

Prior to UBC:

Zheng earned a double PhD from Kyoto University (Japan) and the University of Ottawa. He worked for the National Research Council of Canada (Ottawa, ON) from 2001 to 2012 as a research officer. Before joining UBC Okanagan, he led the "intelligent information processing laboratory" at the Toyota Technological Institute in Japan as a professor.   


Zheng’s research work has won three awards from technical conferences and was reported by "Bulletin of Atomic Scientist" (US) magazine in 2006 and "The Mid-Japan Economist" (Japan) newspaper in 2015.

Personal interests:

Zheng loves classic music, swimming and Lego MindStorms.

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