Alex Toews, BASc '17, Engineering Physics

My name is Alex and I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Physics, Electrical Option. My time at UBC was punctuated with a myriad of new experiences, from the “quintessential UBC” storming of walls and paddling of longboats to the less conventional a cappella directing and slackline hopping. Along the way, the Faculty of Applied Science provided me with countless outlets to explore my passion for math and physics, and their practical application to the world around us.

UBC microneedle spin-off enters agreement with Vetter Pharma


Do needles make you wince? Boris Stoeber feels your pain. So he developed technology that will make getting flu and other kinds of shots a breeze.  

Stoeber, PEng, a professor in UBC’s Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Canada Research Chair in Microfluidics and Sensing Technology, works on microneedles: thorn-like projections less than a millimetre long that may revolutionize the way drugs and vaccines are administered.

Armin Rezaiean-Asel, BASc '17, Computer Engineering

Armin is a graduating computer engineering student with a passion for technology, business, and public policy. Throughout this degree, he’s been involved on campus with the Engineering Undergraduate Society, Alma Mater Society, UBC Vancouver Senate, Place Vanier Residence Association and various UBC clubs. Outside of UBC, he’s been involved with the organization of TEDxKids@BC and helped develop and grow Project HELLO, an initiative that aims to reconnect homeless individuals with lost loved ones.

Nick Geddes, BASc '17, Integrated Engineering

My name is Nick Geddes. I’m a recent Integrated Engineering graduate, a former professional mountain biker and cancer survivor. I raced mountain bikes professionally for six years, including the Enduro World Series in 2014. Balancing my time between racing and an engineering degree was both rewarding and challenging, and although I ultimately decided to focus on my academics I still spend most of my spare time riding bikes.

Chris Borchert, BASc '17, Integrated Engineering

My name is Chris Borchert, and I just completed a degree in Integrated Engineering at UBC. Before developing my passions for engineering and mechanical design, I finished a Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology. In my spare time and for work in the summers, I have done a variety of things in the pursuit of discovering my career interests, including wildfire fighting, video animation, professional photography, and have even filmed aerial videos for a car commercial through my small business.

UBC invention uses bacteria to purify water

A University of British Columbia-developed system that uses bacteria to turn non-potable water into drinking water will be tested next week in West Vancouver prior to being installed in remote communities in Canada and beyond.

The system consists of tanks of fibre membranes that catch and hold contaminants—dirt, organic particles, bacteria and viruses—while letting water filter through. A community of beneficial bacteria, or biofilm, functions as the second line of defence, working in concert to break down pollutants.