APSC Rising Stars 2020

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Ahmad Rahmzadeh
"I find patience to be a great asset and, in research, it is the key to progress."
Anna Goodman
"Architecture must be conscious of and sensitive to the resources used to minimize its impact on the built environment."
Bryn Crawford
"During my education, I have found that curiosity has been an excellent driver for my inspiration."
Claire Preston
"I consider the world around me on a daily basis and find that there are so many aspects that I believe can be improved upon or solved with new technology developments."
Danilo Caron
"It’s my hope that the initiatives we are working on today in Applied Science result in more students bringing their Indigenous identities to UBC."
David Stockton
"Innovation is a universal language."
Dolma Tsundu
"I believe that if we want to inspire and nurture innovative minds, we need to value individuality and support students in taking risks."
Emma Stanley
"No matter what the field is, the people who are passionate about the work that they do have the greatest impact on those around them and are the ones who make innovation happen."
Florence Belanger-Jones
"Our goal is to ensure that all our students graduate with a comprehensive understanding of Canada's Indigenous histories, cultures and practices so that they may become ethical, informed and empathic engineers."
James Shaw
"I have had the joy of connecting people to the resources and communities that they are seeking, all beginning with this principle of humble inquiry."
Jayg Dimayacyac
"Years from now, I’m going to be reminiscing about the support I received all throughout university from my friends and my classmates in the CHBE Department."
Jean Roe
"I hope to contribute to building engaged, resilient communities, where folks feel heard and connected to each other."
Jillian Newell
"Hearing stories from people who have been a part of mine rescue for decades truly makes you appreciate the importance of being prepared."
Joel Hunter
"I am a strong believer that it is crucial to always take pride in your work, be thorough and pay attention to the details."
Julia Dinglasan
"Even though being able to problem-solve is important, I think that the most valuable skill an engineer can have is the ability to listen and communicate."
Justin Wyss
"If we look closely, nature provides the most elegant and optimal solutions to many or even all engineering problems."
Katherine Westerlund
"Engineering is a field that benefits immensely from a diversity of people solving problems, and it’s important to introduce engineering as an opportunity early and often."
Muntahith Orvin
"Passion and motivation are the key to conquering against all the odds. You will feel immense satisfaction when solving a problem you are passionate about."
Nikko Asistio & Arlene Singh
"Everything we do in healthcare has an impact on the environment and vice versa, which is why we want to contribute towards cultural change in healthcare and greener practices."
Paige Ngo
"The law of conservation of energy generally applies to your time at UBC. The amount of time and effort you put into a project will produce equal returns in terms of practical knowledge."
Piyaruwan Perera
"Being an engineer, you have an opportunity to create things and to bring your dreams into reality."
Quentin Golsteyn
"I am a strong believer that you can make a difference in the world at the local level. Opportunities for positive change exist all around us."
Rain Chen
"I aspire to design structures that foster symbiotic relationships between people, buildings and nature within our ever-growing world."
Rakiba Rayhana
"Remember that this is not just a degree, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enhance your skills and leadership qualities, and can help you to choose your future career."
Serena Chao
"Engineering isn’t a solo endeavour, and even if that were possible, it wouldn’t be as fun."
Simon Bambey
"Nothing beats seeing the sparkle of curiosity in a young person’s eyes and being able to show them the power that we as humans have to create, build and discover."
Vasilii Triandafilidi
“Engaging with people around you will not only bring you new ideas, but will help you execute them.”