APSC Rising Stars 2019

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Alan Ehrenholz
“Engineering has been challenging and rewarding. From course work, to REC teams, to clubs, and everything in between, UBC has pushed me to become a better leader, engineer and person.”
Amanda Goulding
"I find inspiration by surrounding myself with radical, political, awesome people who do important work. They remind me of what is possible and what I am capable of doing."
Andrew Cote
“This degree has been a transformative experience in how it’s changed my approach to solving problems and being rigorous and methodical. One of the biggest skills has been developing an eye for the ‘big picture.'”
Arpan Kandola
“Do not be afraid to fail, do not be afraid to ask for help, do not jeopardize your physical or mental health, and most importantly do not give up.”
Ashna Misra
"Failure gave me insight into the ways people work, how to be an effective leader, and ultimately how to increase my probability of success."
Ashraf Ahsan
“I aspire to bridge gaps between different groups or disciplines to solve modern problems with simpler solutions, which can be obtained through collaboration.”
Balpreet Kukreja
“Whether you are meeting someone for the first time, interviewing for a job or you’re pitching an idea to an investor, telling a compelling story will set you apart.”
Bernardo Ruz
"I get inspired by thinking about possible solutions and building different business models. It is interesting how the more you think about solving problems, the easier connecting the dots gets ..."
Casimir Kuzyk
“One begins to realize that problems worth solving are also problems that can’t simply be answered by asking Siri.”
Christine Nesbitt
"Where I once felt lost trying to participate when at Canadian Olympic Committee and their Athletes’ Commission meetings, I am finding my planning lens brings a different perspective that is important to express. "
Daniel Luo
“I gained so much by simply being present and diligent in every class, even if I had formed preconceived notions about it (read: skippable classes are a myth! Do not skip class!).”
Edward Wang
“Problems in engineering are rarely well-defined, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed, particularly if the problem is abstract. Good problem-solving skills are essential to being successful, and it’s important to keep training those skills.”
Felipe Eltit
“I feel my work can have a much larger impact on health care, by providing knowledge or solutions that are available to everyone.”
Hailey Gooch
“I am most inspired by the complexity of plant material, relationships between environmental systems and the role we play as designers intervening in all of this.”
Jackson Herron
"I draw inspiration from the brilliance of nature. The patterns of nature aren’t just beautiful to observe, they also have logic to learn from."
Jakob Gattinger
“Engineering has offered me … far more than I would’ve gotten out of any other undergraduate program, and enabled so many possibilities for my career that other fields of study likely would not have offered.”
Jessica Rempel
"Knowing when to humble myself and learn from others is a quality that’s needed in engineering, and one that I think all leaders should have as well."
Kate Burnham
"Seeing new geologic wonders always inspires me to learn more about their technical mechanics and the engineering implications.”
Keara Graham
“The nursing profession allows you to bring your interests, passions, past experiences, and gifts, and find (or create) the place where they intersect.”
Kevin Dsouza
“Have an open mind, be willing to learn new things, take risks and go beyond the comfort zone.”
Kwan Fung
“At the end of a project it is not enough to just hand in your deliverables ... your ability to present and synthesize information in front of your manager or professor is often what separates your work from the rest."
Kylie Kerik
“As an environmental engineer it is difficult to hear all the damage we have already done to our earth, so I intend to make conscious decisions in my everyday life and to encourage others to do the same.”
Lyana Patrick
“I have learned to believe in my own self-worth, to speak my truth and support those who are doing important and challenging frontline work in, and for, Indigenous communities.”
Saquib Sarwar
“I have developed a version of these sensors for artificial skin application that is currently being developed towards making robots more human in their sense of touch, and also enabling amputees with prosthetics to regain the ability to feel.”
MK Anand
“I believe entrepreneurship and telling powerful stories connecting us to earth will have the most impact and, if I can be an advocate for these paths I think I will have done my best to do my part.”
Nathan Skubovius
“I think an engineering degree will give me the ability to design a new mine reclamation style that any other degree would not have been able to provide.”
Pranav Menon
“I think about my time at engineering as an evolving toolkit: Before I came into engineering, that toolkit was empty, but year after year, Integrated Engineering has helped me equip myself with one new tool at a time."
Soojin Lee
“Meeting and interacting with participants [with Parkinson’s disease] have been some of the greatest moments I’ve had, as they have elevated my motivation and desire to identify promising treatments for them.”
Terry Zhang
“The biggest thing I would have told my 18 year-old self is to never ever be afraid of making mistakes and failures in engineering. Those are the things that shape you into a better person.”
Thayanthi Tharmaratnam
“I wanted to empower and advocate for individuals to be informed about their health and well-being.”
Veronica Knott
"The mining industry is at a pivotal time … Mining engineers are at the center of that and it is our job to be the stewards of not only economic design, but also environmental and social innovations."
Veronica Troughton
“Architecture is about empathy and in order to be empathetic in the way you design, you have to go out and test your own responses to different spatial qualities so that you can start to imagine what effects your decisions would have on other people.”
Yuqing Du
The most important things I have learned during my degree are not necessarily the technical details of the courses I have taken, but rather the underlying ability to pick up new skills and build on existing ones.