APSC Rising Stars 2018

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AJung Moon
"It is not rare for me to find myself disagreeing with, or correcting, much older and more senior experts in the room"
Akshiv Bansal
“During my degree, I got the impression that it will not be pure facts which I remember, but rather it is the overarching ideologies of engineering that will be everlasting.”
Alex Abulnaga
“By pursuing a career in academia, I hope to use my knowledge and skills to develop meaningful technologies with the potential to leave lasting impacts on industry and society.”
"What I have learned from engineering is that it is possible to find solutions for all problems, but each problem requires time and effort. Success stories are made through putting in that extra bit of work."
"What I have learned from engineering is that it is possible to find solutions for all problems, but each problem requires time and effort. Success stories are made through putting in that extra bit of work. "
Amira Badreldin
“It can be very daunting to look at a new project and be worried that your first few ideas might fail, but if you can turn that into excitement, then you’re ready to tackle anything.”
Anas Issa
“What you know is not as important as being able to recognize what you don't know, so that you can either learn what you need or get help from someone who does.”
Andrew Sheroubi
"The lesson was to fail faster. Failures provide the best avenues for growth and for learning."
Angelica Reyes
“Do something you are passionate about. Passion will keep you going when experiments fail (and trust me they will) or when it gets stressful and frustrating in the lab for other reasons.”
Athanasios Kritharis
“Join design teams early, enter as many competitions as possible, and make the most of your time here.”
Chaitrali Salvi
“I believe with the help of this program, I have a fair understanding of the interdependence of architecture and landscape architecture for a better livelihood.”
Chella Thornton
“Participate in events, join teams, make friends, take some “me time” and have fun! School may come first, but you should set some time aside for yourself.”
Diana Nino
“Engineering will teach you about yourself and how to push through difficult challenges to find a solution.”
Ephraim Nowak
"There are three things that never cease to fascinate me: coding, electronics and things that fly."
Gordon Johnston
"One of the biggest challenges of my undergraduate degree was learning how to study while I was away competing [as an Olympic-level field hockey player]"
Hannah Turner
"I will speak up when I see things that need to change, and be creative to find solutions to the problems that I see. "
Hirushie Karunathilake
“I wanted to challenge the conventional belief and social norms which dictated that mechanical engineering is not a field where women can succeed — to prove that gender has no bearing on one’s suitability for a profession.”
Hossein Montazerian
"Throughout my career in research, I always strive to make a big impact. "
Ian Thompson
"The four (or five, or more) years that you will spend as an undergraduate engineer will be a long time, so do your best to openly invite change and exploration."
Jack Park
"If you let your passions guide you — work or play — you will make a bigger difference in the world."
Jacob van der Holt
“You are never the smartest person in the room. It is of highest importance to be able to learn from other people, test their ideas and put the best ones into action. You won’t have what it takes to be truly innovative if you think you know it all.”
James Baylis
"Engineering at UBC has taught me how vast and mysterious the path is for advancing medical products from proof-of-concept to the clinic."
Jason Speidel
“In every role that I have had at UBC, I have been surrounded by exceptional people and take a bit of inspiration from every one of them.”
Jaymi Booth
"It is encouraging and inspiring to spend time with people who are so driven to make a difference. Their support has helped me understand my own abilities and pushes me to be a similar presence in the lives of other people I meet around campus."
Joren Jackson
“Engineering teaches basic problem solving, how to learn skills effectively, and how to break problems down, and those are all skills that can be applied to nearly all aspects of life and even most career paths.”
Joshua Stroh
"One of the first things I say when I am asked what I have gotten out of this degree, is that I now know I can learn and do anything I want in life, it just takes a little bit of time and effort."
Kai Okazaki
“I am passionate about building healthy, safe, and vibrant communities — a goal I felt was served by obtaining my degree in community and regional planning.”
Kate Prosnik
“It can be intimidating making that transition from a student to professional, but being in a supportive environment can make a huge difference to the ongoing learning experience."
Katherine Luckasavitch
"Getting involved in the campus community has been the most valuable experience while studying engineering at UBC Okanagan."
Kevin Chen
“A graduate engineering degree opens doors to amazing opportunities, but requires hard work, dedication and most importantly, the willingness to learn and fail. Come in with an open mind, leave with a wealth of knowledge and mark your contribution...”
Koen Duineveld
“The most important skill I learned in mining engineering is to recognize your audience and how to communicate with all of them, no matter their level of knowledge or training.”
Levi Bieber
"I believe that inspiration is what piques ones interest into starting their degree, but it is self-discipline that ensures that one will get the most out of their education."
Levi Engels
“I believe that I will make a difference in the communities in which I work by providing excellent engineering work that is safe, mindful of communities’ needs, and respectful of the environment.”
Madie Melcer
"I spent three years designing and building [Ada] with my team before taking the boat across Canada to launch her into the Atlantic Ocean for what was to be the first ever trans-Atlantic journey by an autonomous sailboat."
Megan Nantel
"Instead of being scared, I now believe that I have the ability to solve any problem I’m faced with (if given enough time!). "
Megan Norwick
"You don’t have to look like a “typical engineer” to be successful in engineering; to solve today’s complex problems the world needs a more diverse range of engineering minds."
Olivia Paserin
“Consider living somewhere new. I moved to BC without knowing anyone here and it has been the greatest time of rapid self-growth. Meet as many new people as you can.”
Onyinye Ofulue
“Engineering trains your brain to work in a problem-solving mode, helpful in applying technical knowledge and excelling in other avenues of your professional career.”
Retsepile Sello
“I envision a world where everyone can chase their dreams despite their gender, race or economic background.”
Riley Baechler
“I found the most valuable learning often occurred outside of classes.”
Ryder Thalheimer
“The only way design can enhance life for others is to constantly redefine how we see the world and how we can positively contribute to it.”
Shayna Slobin
"Change happens slowly and quietly. To me, it is all the small ways you can help someone or make other people smile that truly make a difference in the world, and that is what I aim to do. "
Skye Maitland
"This universal connection to the inner workings of everyday life and death is what I feel separates a career in the medical profession from another field of study. It’s beautiful!"
Tanveer Singh Bhandal
“It is an engaging industry with something for everyone to get passionate about.”
Tony Wu
"The most valuable lesson that I have learned is to create opportunity where opportunity doesn’t exist. "
Zoë Jackson
“I want to design spaces that mean something to people, that entice a feeling of belonging, that begin to fill the gaps in our cities and create community through space.”