APSC Rising Stars 2017

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Alex Toews
The best learning experiences are the ones that are not spoon-fed to you, so challenge yourself.
Ali Shademani
No matter how many times you fail, you are going to eventually accomplish provided that you are ambitious and determined.
Armin Rezaiean-Asel
The undergraduate experience is a time to explore and experiment, and with an engineering education, you’ll be afforded the opportunity to build your problem solving toolkit while testing it out in a variety of settings and opportunities.
Blago Hirstovski
The most valuable thing I have learned is there is always more than one way to solve a problem; 98% of the problem is finding the best way to solve it and 2% is actually solving it.
Bulmaro Valdes
...the fact that UBC is such a multicultural and diverse university gives everyone the opportunity to enrich their learning and personal experiences both inside and outside the classroom/lab.
Chris Borchert
I am energized by the innovation and collaboration of people working together to push the limits of what is possible with new technologies for the betterment of our global community.
Clinton Large
The world is facing some of its most complex problems to date, with world hunger and sustainability as just a couple of examples. We need unique and creative solutions that are only going to come about by thinking in new ways.
David Goertsen
Through engineering, I have been able to try a variety of different fields I was interested in and get my questions answered by professionals with first hand knowledge.
Fausto Inomata
Having meaningful conversations with every person, being respectful of their opinions and being accountable to their recommendations are the most valuable skills I’ve learned.
Fin Gareau
I will continue to advocate for change in health care systems and delivery and to support and challenge organizations to be more inclusive of the most marginalized people.
Gyan Chhipi Shrestha
I am hopeful that my interdisciplinary lens will assist me to contribute to my vision — clean water for all forever.
Ileana Co
Don’t let failure stop you and don’t let your grades define you.
Jaclyn Kaloczi
I will strive to create opportunity, through design, for humans to participate with nature, to intimately connect with it, and to discover their own perceptions and relations to nature, in both the natural and constructed world around us.
Jannicke Pearkes
It has been incredibly exciting to have been able to see deep learning for particle physics develop and make my own contribution in the last couple of years.
Jeanie Malone
The friends and colleagues I have had the opportunity to work with here at UBC have really been who helped me to grow into who I am today.
Jessica Van Brummelen
I would absolutely recommend anyone considering any of the sciences to check engineering out, explore, learn, find what they’re passionate about and pursue this passion with everything they’ve got.
Julia Lenton
My experience in engineering has been both an exploration and a discovery of myself.
Kyle Jensen
The critical thinking skills and background in applications of science are two unique aspects of engineers that allow us to become a great benefit to society.
Lori Block
Those values of engagement, justice, and equity, which the School of Nursing took time to instill, have been foundational to my practice.
Marc Aphudan
Engineering focuses a lot on solving complex problems and simplifying them. What you’ll soon find is sometimes there is no exact solution, only one that you can answer to the best of your abilities based on important facts and what you know.
Marcus Cheung
Always remember that learning is fun, not dreadful. You can get two very different experiences out of them.
Mark Bancroft
UBC has taught me how best to harness the diverse strengths that individuals bring to a team, to use different opinions and perspectives to do better than anyone could do individually.
Maryam Koochek
Prepare to be surprised at your own strength and boundless abilities.
Mike Hsiao
The most valuable lesson that I’ve learned is to accept failure and not to be afraid of it.
Nick Geddes
I’ve realized that I’ve learned more about what I don’t know than what I do know. It’s inspired me to continue learning.
Olina Chang
By choosing a career in engineering, you’re going to be pushing boundaries and generating new ideas to innovate for the future.
Ramy Hussein
Fear of failure is paralyzing and the only way to move forward is to enjoy what you are doing and simply ignore everything else.
Rebecca McCreedy
Engineering is a team sport. It’s daunting and tough on your own, but when you have a group of people to tackle it with it gets a bit easier.
Rohit Singla
...engineering is the application of the theories I found interesting to develop practical and elegant solutions to complex problems.
Saad Dara
A graduate degree in engineering allowed me this opportunity for refinement of my skills and developing depth in my knowledge in a safe learning environment where I was allowed the opportunity to drive a project.
Siang Lim
Experience as much of university life as you can while maintaining the grades you will need to pursue your goals.
Sunny Jiao
It is fascinating how much wisdom each individual possesses, and it is often through their sharing and my learning that I start to see the connections.
Tahsina Mahmud
For me the most valuable learning was to acknowledge how some indicators and principles of urban design remain constant across global boundaries and how some need to be modified or retrofitted.
Trevor Stirling
I feel that I know a lot more about how the world works now than when I began my studies, but I think the most valuable thing that I have learned is the skill of learning itself.
Zach Daly
My biggest source of inspiration is my clients. I feel like I learn so much from them, and I am constantly astounded by what they have to teach me about coping and resilience even in the face of very difficult circumstances.
Zhaoyang Yuan
Trying to break your conventional thoughts and to think in different angles will give you some surprising and interesting results, which are often more than what you expected.