APSC Rising Stars 2016

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Adrian Wong
Take the time to find your passion and explore within and outside of engineering. There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus such as engineering design teams, student organizations and competitions.
Adriana Bucz
I am inspired that my career will be able to grow with me and that I have an endless array of possibilities in front of me.
Alborz Amir-Khalili
Don’t be afraid to take risks and push yourself to do things outside of your comfort zone.
Allison Matfin
Engineering isn’t about learning all the answers; it’s about learning how to approach the problems.
Andrea Marshall
I’ve always wanted a career where I feel I am helping people. I chose engineering because I thought it would give me the best opportunities to do this.
Ayesha Shahzad
If you asked a 10 year old to come up with an idea for a browser-based online game, how can they envision that idea if they have never seen or interacted with a computer?
Beza Feleke
Every clinical rotation, allowed for me to look deeper within my self to understand different aspects of humanity – life, loss, hope, faith, pain, compassion, inequality and prejudice.
Carly Sotas
Studying environmental design has shown me how to take big ideas from my imagination and transfer them into tangible results.
Chris Duncan
Get ready for late nights and long assignments, but you already know that, and if you don’t enjoy a bit of a challenge you wouldn’t be considering engineering in the first place.
Cindy Gu
You are a lot more than your homework, grades and degree. Even though those are important deliverables, in the end they don’t, and shouldn’t, define you as a person. Education is only part of the life-long journey of learning.
Cobi Yu
Take the time to make meaningful connections outside the classroom, join a student team/organization, find people who are passionate about the things you are – the relationships you make during university are lifelong.
Cynthia Ni
What I find most valuable is the lesson that there is no right or best solution – everything has a trade-off; every resolution is a balance of compromises; systems are complex and everything is interconnected.
Elizabeth Wicks
Try as many new things as you possibly can – you will learn the most when you are uncomfortable. Dream big, explore all possibilities and continuously raise the bar of your expectations for yourself.
Gabriel Lessard
Throughout an engineering degree, I think you learn not so much what you know, but more what you don’t know.
Grant Fahlgren
Landscape architecture however, has an opportunity to instead create conditions in which understandings of ecology and urbanism can be leveraged in order to amplify natural processes and foster regenerative effects.
Jen Roberton
I was drawn to the field by a need to develop skills to serve my own communities, and I now feel that I have a responsibility to give back to the places and people who have supported me throughout the years.
John Robert MacKenzie
There are few problems so insurmountable that they are not worth trying to solve.
Julie Van de Valk
I want to bring solving engineering problems outside of the scope of technical work, to include a deeper understanding of social and environmental context.
Katelyn Currie
The best way to make a difference in this world is to dive right in and do it; with commitment and hard work, as well as a great team around you, anything is possible.
Kiel Olver
Far too many people overvalue material wealth and vanity and many technologies are developed that contribute to that mindset. I want to create technology that improves utility, life experience and relationships.
Kirk Settle
Don’t let history and statistics drive you away from a meaningful and rewarding career; I have rarely felt disadvantaged because of my gender.
Logan Terry
If you are considering engineering and it is something you are passionate about, then I would advise you to never give up.
Alexander Harmsen
"One of the most valuable things that I took away from engineering is the belief that I can solve any problem."
Nick McIntosh
I hope to not only brighten the perception people have of the profession but also make others more aware of, and interested in, some of the physical processes in place around them every day.
Robert Greene
Have the desire to innovate and take risks. Plan to leave school with more than a degree. Be prepared to take your knowledge and start a small business or to develop a product to introduce to the mining marketplace.
Sara Flanagan
Continuous learning keeps your mind active and keeps you relevant and dynamic. Time spent learning is always time well invested.
Sean McBeath
I had a love for science throughout high school and wanted that love to materialize into a career where I could make a difference. I felt like engineering was that way of making a difference.
Shelir Ebrahimi
Engineers are important to this world and I would love to invest my life into educating great engineers... [and] developing new methods for engineering education.
Shivinder Dhillon
One of the biggest lessons for me from this program has been that you can overcome any fear and do anything in life if you give it your all.
Sierra Tasi Baker
Getting my education on the land that my ancestors have lived on for generations in order to continue our law of seven generations seemed very fitting for a career path in environmentalism and design rooted in indigenous First Nations’ teachings.
Stephen Kimanzi
Engineering has taught me to see the genius in commonplace applications.
Taylor Curran
When people think about engineering, there is a tendency to focus on the technical aspects – the math, the theory, the calculations. But at the end of the day, communication and teamwork can be even more important to the success of a project.