APSC Rising Star 2015

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Adam Noel
"An engineering education doesn't teach you how to solve specific problems, but it gives you a toolbox to approach new problems."
Ajaydeep Singh
"My engineering education at UBC has not only been limited to science and design but has drawn from other fields of studies such as economics, business management and sustainability to name a few."
Alexander Harmsen
"One of the most valuable things that I took away from engineering is the belief that I can solve any problem."
Alyssa Schultz
"Once I discovered what engineering was and all the different disciplines, it was a no-brainer: engineering was the only thing for me."
Andrea Palmer
"I will continue to ask tough questions, challenge what I am told, and seek opportunities that allow me to have a positive impact."
Blake Veerman
"I believe a degree in engineering will help me have more impact on the lives of others than any other degree."
Carlo Domini Penacerrada
"Being part of several amazing communities has made my time at UBC the most memorable."
Charles Noftall
"One thing that I didn’t understand before I began my studies is just how much of an impact a civil engineer has on society."
Christina Noel
"Being a part of Women in Engineering at UBC, and having the opportunity to volunteer with the Girl Guides of Canada, together, have definitely been my most valuable, and most rewarding, non-academic experiences at UBC."
David Slade
"Don’t choose engineering because someone else told you to, choose engineering because you can learn and work on projects you are passionate about."
Geoffrey Cox
"I feel like the skill-set I've developed in architecture school is very powerful due to its unique and diverse nature."
Hafizur Rahman
"When I see engineers' numerous achievements shape modern lifestyle, I feel very inspired to work hard to become an accomplished engineer."
Husnain Haider
"Being an engineering devotee, I can effectively participate in the welfare of humanity by developing efficient and environmentally friendly designs."
Jennifer Bhatla
"Engineering is so much more than the technical aspects. One of the most valuable things I have learned is the importance of considering the bigger picture in which a technology is being applied."
Jennifer Krzyczkowski
"I find this to be the most fascinating part of my role as a nurse, hearing the patients’ life story."
Jordan Balanko
"Some of the highlights of the last few years are of times when I was challenged with open-ended problems, both academically and in extracurricular activities – difficult problems push me forward."
Kimberly Gulevich
"In high school, I developed a passion for the environment and making a difference in small, northern communities."
Kimberly Singian
"I believe my research has the potential to contribute valuable knowledge and assist health care providers to care for patients with Parkinson’s disease."
Kristoffer Vik Hansen
"My degree has taught me that every problem I face, or every unknown I encounter, can be reasoned through and solved with the right skills."
Lawrence Lam
"Engineering is all about addressing problems, and though the answers may change over time, there will – always – be a solution."
Lucas Cahill
"Use your time in engineering to explore careers to find what interests you."
Maitrayee Dhaka
"I think it is critical for engineers to understand the context of their technical work, to be aware of societal structures, and particularly the limits of technology in solving certain problems."
Maliha Jat
"I’ve learned not to get discouraged by the small things and keep pushing for success – big or small."
Milind Pandit
"I receive true satisfaction from practicing engineering when I know that my contributions to the field have benefitted people worldwide."
Narelle Sookorukoff
"Participating in a SALA study abroad to Portugal provided me with the opportunity to view architecture as I have never had the chance to do previously."
Negin Tousi
"From the day I stepped into my first chemistry class in grade 6, I was sure I wanted to be a chemical engineer."
Ryanne James
"The positive contributions of the students, graduates, faculty, and the ideas of the School can be felt throughout the region – I knew I wanted to study at SCARP."
Shelby Barr
"I feel fortunate to have had such a variety of experiences, from scrubbing in to operations, watching live births, and just being present with families in a very vulnerable time of their lives."
Stephanie Wong
"For me, there was an immense draw to the nursing profession; you have the ability to profoundly impact the lives of the people and families as they transition through health and illness."
Tiana Jihyung Im
"Continuously exploring and not compromising the excellent opportunities outside of classrooms are what will really make your degree worthwhile."
Victoria Camp
"It’s not about realizing what you know but acknowledging what you don’t know, and always valuing the importance of learning from your peers and mentors."
Zilna Shavdia
"I want to educate rural communities on regenerative development and work with them to improve the health, efficiency and interconnectedness of their community."