Research Spotlights

04 Apr 2017


UBC researchers have developed a simple water treatment process that may make high-quality drinking water more accessible to resource-strapped communities.

Many cities produce potable water by filtering raw water...

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05 Oct 2016

A rural village in India has a better connection to the world, thanks to an innovative UBC-developed road design that resists heavy rains, intense heat and poor drainage, according to UBC civil engineering professor Nemy Banthia, who...

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08 Mar 2016

To mark International Women’s Day this year, UBC is hosting an event that examines female leadership in science, engineering and medicine. Historically women have been underrepresented in these fields but today we are moving toward more...

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07 Mar 2016

For many remote communities, including First Nations communities, clean drinking water is far from assured. Many do not have proper infrastructure and resources to treat their water, and boil-water advisories are a frequent occurrence...

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17 Dec 2015

The numbers associated with traffic accidents worldwide are staggering: 1.3 million fatalities every year, and up to 50 million injuries. They’re also the leading cause of death among 15- to 29-year-olds. But thanks to the...

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