Faculty Experts

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Name Dept Areas of Research
Jennifer Kryworuchko Jennifer Kryworuchko School of Nursing
Factors that limit agency in decision-making (DM) to design effective multi-level interventions that improve access to palliative care for people who are vulnerable
Nadja Kunz Nadja Kunz Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering
Carolyn Labun Carolyn Labun School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)
Engineering technical communication, first-year student learning, engineering pedagogy
Lutz Lampe Lutz Lampe Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Communication systems, communication and information theory, ultra-wideband (UWB), wireless sensor networks, localization and tracking, RFID, cognitive radio, power line communications, compressed sensing, machine learning
Janusz laskowski Janusz Laskowski Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering
Surface chemistry of flotation, coal surface chemistry and its effect on coal flotation and fine coal utilization (coal-water slurries), rheology of fine mineral suspensions, flotation of serpentinised ultramafic nickel sulfide ores, the use of non-toxic polysaccharide depressants in flotation of complex sulpfide ores, frothers and their mechanism of action, potash ore flotation
Anthony Lau Anthony Lau Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Organic waste-to-resource recovery and recycling, biomass feedstock engineering, bioconversion processes and systems, composting, anaerobic digestion, odor control
Bernard Laval Bernard Laval Department of Civil Engineering
Field and 3D numerical modeling techniques to describe the spatial and temporal variations of physical processes and their impacts on transport in lakes and coastal waters
Gregory Lawrence Gregory Lawrence Department of Civil Engineering
Environmental fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrodynamic stability and mixing, physical limnology, water quality management
Michael Leaf Michael Leaf School of Community & Regional Planning
Analysis and planning for societies in the midsts of their urban transitions, with particular attention to cases in Asia, local regulatory structures and practices and the persistence and reproduction of “informality” and “informalization", infrastructure and urban environments in developing countries
Jongho Lee Jongho Lee Department of Civil Engineering
Membranes, water/wastewater treatment, desalination, resource harvesting, nanoporous media, electrokinetics
Guy Lemieux Guy Lemieux Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Programmable logic and computing systems, multiprocessor and computer architecture
Barbara Lence Barbara Lence Department of Civil Engineering
Optimizing design and operational strategies of water resources projects, reliable withdrawal-treatment strategies for contaminated groundwater supply systems; asset management strategies for mid-sized water utilities with limited break data, water distribution system operational procedures to meet hydraulic and water quality objectives
Victor Leung Victor Leung Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Telecommunications and computer networks, wireless and mobile networking, network architectures and protocols, network management techniques, performance evaluations
Cyril Leung Cyril Leung Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Wireless communications, cellular systems, multihop mobile networks
Martin Lewis School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Environmental design and professional architectural practice
Loretta Li Loretta Li Department of Civil Engineering
Pollution control, water-soil/sediment treatment, environmental assessment and management, contaminant fate and transport, emerging contaminants, sustainable remediation technology, landfill and leachate management, industrial wastewater treatment, water pipe corrosion control, sludge management, waste-to-resources processes
Sunny Li Sunny Li School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)
Cooling technologies for electronics, thermal/fluid sciences in sustainable energy systems, fluid instabilities and multiphase flows
Jim Lim C. Jim Lim Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Biomass and fossil fuels, spouted bed, gas-particle system hydrodynamics, heat transfer, hydrogen production
Linares L. R. Linares Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Modeling and simulation of engineering systems, and their computer implementation
Mieszko Lis Mieszko Lis Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Computer architecture, parallel architectures, programming models, and compilers, high-level VLSI design methodologies