Faculty Experts

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Name Dept Areas of Research
Nicolas Jaeger Nicolas Jaeger Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Integrated-optics, fiber-optics, optical sensors, optical measurement of voltage and current in power substations, ultrahigh-speed electro-optic modulators, ultrahigh-speed measurement techniques
Carol Jaeger Carol Jaeger Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Electronics, electromagnetics, signal processing, speech and hearing, biomedical engineering, assorted sensors, product design
Juri Jatskevich Juri Jatskevich Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Power and energy systems, smart energy grids, power electronic systems and converter circuits, electrical machines and drives, controls, electromagnetic transients, computer modeling and simulation, distributed and parallel simulation
Jasmin Jelovica Jasmin Jelovica Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Lightweight structures, marine structures, finite element analysis, ultimate strength, fatigue strength, structural optimization, structural longevity
Emily Jenkins Emily Jenkins School of Nursing
optimizing mental health outcomes through collaborative, mental health promotion strategies; health services and policy redesign; and knowledge translation approaches
Xiaoliang Jin Xiaoliang Jin Department of Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Johnson Thomas Johnson School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)
Radio frequency power amplifiers, RF power sources, binary time encoders for switch-mode power amplifiers
Greg Johnson Greg Johnson School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Building enclosure design and detailing, environmental controls, building energy use, architectural acoustics, daylighting, solar controls, psychrometry and construction documentation
Joy Johnson Joy Johnson School of Nursing
Health promotion, health behaviour change, and exploring the social, structural and individual factors that influence the health of individuals. 
Dhanesh Kannangara Dhaneshwarie Kannangara Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Lab course design, electrochemistry and analytical chemistry
Ronald Kellett Ron Kellett School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Neighbourhood-scale urban design, charrett-based design methods and tools, green urban design processes, plans, codes, standards, guidelines and prototypes
Richard Kerekes Richard Kerekes Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Pulp refining and paper forming
Sina Kheirkhah Sina Kheirkhah School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)
Keekyoung Kim Keekyoung Kim School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)
BioMEMS and lab-on-a-chip, biomaterials and tissue Engineering, cellular mechanobiology
Patrick Kirchen Patrick Kirchen Department of Mechanical Engineering
Thermal energy conversion, combustion, internal combustion engines, ion transport membranes
Bern Klein Bernhard Klein Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering
Ultrafine grinding, high pressure grinding rolls, hydraulic transport of non-Newtonian mineral slurries, industrial minerals, mine-mill integration, continuous centrifugal gravity concentration, improved technologies for artisanal and small scale gold miners, metal leaching from waste rock, rheology of mineral suspensions
Richard Klukas Richard Klukas School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)
Signal processing for wireless location, indoor positioning, WiFi positioning, optical positioning techniques
Frank Ko Frank Ko Department of Materials Engineering
Nanofibre technology, advanced fibrous structures, biomaterials, surgical implants, nanocomposites, textile structural composites
Jennifer Krist Jenniger Krist School of Nursing
Philippe Kruchten Philippe Kruchten Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Architecture of large-scale, software-intensive systems, software development processes, software project management