Faculty Experts

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Name Dept Areas of Research
Mari Fujita Mari Fujita School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Contemporary theory, globalization and contested territory, urbanism
Vikramaditya Vikramaditya G. Yadav Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Biocatalysis, Bioremediation, Bioprocess engineering, Drug delivery, Infectious disease pathogenesis & drug discovery, Green chemistry, Medical biotechnology, Metabolic engineering, Synthetic biology, Tissue engineering
Mohamed Gadala Mohamed Gadala Department of Mechanical Engineering
Industry solution procedure for crack detection and propagation in rotating components, steel run-out table design, and electric fatigue of piezoelectric actuators
Bernie Garrett Bernie Garrett School of Nursing
Nursing science, philosophy, and the use of deceptive and non-evidence based practices in contemporary healthcare (including alternative medicine), and the use of virtual and augmented reality in clinical applications
Cynthia Girling Cynthia Girling School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Sustainable communities, visualization and community engagement
Ernest Goh Ernest Goh School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)
Sustainable transportation, enclosed narrow-track electric vehicles, with focus on: aerodynamics, ergonomics, and practicality for commercialisation.
Kevin Golovin Kevin Golovin School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)
Sathish Gopalakrishnan Sathish Gopalakrishnan Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Real-time systems, distributed systems, resource management
Bhushan Gopaluni Bhushan Gopaluni Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Modeling and experiment design, model predictive controllers, identification for control, iterative identification and control
John Grace John Grace Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Fluidization, reactor design, fluid-particle systems, biomass, coal, ccombustion, two-phase flow, fluid
Dana Grecov Dana Grecov Department of Mechanical Engineering
Experimental and mathematical modeling of industrial processes, mathematical modeling and simulation of liquid crystalline materials, rheology of complex fluids, non-Newtonian fluid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, biofluid mechanics
Sheldon Green Sheldon Green Department of Mechanical Engineering
Developing a model of the fibre deposition and dewatering process in paper making, spraying of non-Newtonian fluids, minimizing electrical power consumption in paper mills by improving pulp pump efficiency, and measuring and reducing snow friction of skis (in conjunction with the Canadian Olympic Committee)
Marlee Groening Marlee Groening School of Nursing
Mental health
Penny Gurstein Penny Gurstein School of Community & Regional Planning
Socio-cultural aspects of community planning with particular emphasis on those who are the most marginalized in planning processes, developing strategies and interventions that encourage diversity, equity and urban sustainability in the planning and design of communities
Elod Gyenge Előd Gyenge Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Electrochemical engineering and electrocatalysis, fuel cells, batteries, porous electrodes, interfacial phenomena
Eric Hall Eric Hall Department of Civil Engineering
Membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment, membrane fouling, modeling and simulation of wastewater treatment systems, fate of emerging contaminants during secondary treatment, microbial ecology of biological treatment systems
Wendy Hall Wendy Hall School of Nursing
Transition to parenting and the related areas of infant sleep and breast feeding
Jillian Harding Jillian Harding School of Nursing
Savvas Hatzikiriakos Savvas Hatzikiriakos Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Rheology of polymer melts, polymer blends and pastes, non-newtonian fluid mechanics, polymer processing, surface science and superhydrophobicity
Terje Haukaas Terje Haukaas Department of Civil Engineering
Probabilistic mechanics, structural reliability and optimization, timber engineering, earthquake engineering, decision making, risk, advanced structural analysis, finite elements, response sensitivity analysis, software development