Responsibilities of Your Appointment

Your appointment as a faculty member at UBC will be either be in the Professoriate Stream (Acting Assistant Professors, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors) or Educational Leadership Stream (Instructors, Senior Instructors and Professors of Teaching) and generally entails responsibilities which fall under three areas:

Teaching (both streams)

Teaching is expected to encompass a broad range of activities and must be consistent with the academic unit’s norm for rank. Teaching loads are set by the academic unit Head/Director in consultation with the faculty members of the academic unit.

In cases where faculty members hold joint appointments — that is, an appointment split between two departments — teaching loads usually reflect the breakdown of the appointment.

Scholarly Activity (professoriate stream)

Scholarly activity is left to the individual faculty member to pursue, but should be carried out with the criteria for promotion and tenure in mind. Scholarly activity is defined reasonably broadly, reflecting the professional nature of our faculty.

Apart from more traditional research, this activity may include contributions to architectural or engineering design, and distinguished performance in professional or clinical practice.

Overall, scholarly activity in the Faculty is given high priority. We have excellent facilities for both individual and collaborative work.

Educational Leadership (educational leadership stream)

Evidence of educational leadership is required in the education leadership stream and can include, but no limited to:

  • Leadership taken at UBC and elsewhere to advance innovation and excellence in teaching
  • Contributions to curriculum development and renewal (curriculum design/re-design) within the unit/Faculty
  • Pedagogical innovation
  • Scholarly teaching with impact within and outside the unit
  • Applications of and contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Innovative use of learning technology
  • Leadership and contribution to teaching and learning initiatives and programs
  • Advancement of interdisciplinary/inter-professional collaboration
  • Leadership through mentoring
  • TLEF grants  and other funding obtained for educational improvement/advising (available for UBCV)
  • Other activities that support evidence-based educational excellence, leadership and impact within and beyond the University.

Although evidence of educational leadership is not required in the Professoriate stream, aspects of educational leadership can be used in this stream as supporting evidence for teaching and service contributions.


In addition to teaching and research, most faculty members are involved in some form of university or professional service. Service responsibilities may include activity at the Department, Faculty, University or professional levels, although Faculty-level and University-level service is not usually requested of new faculty members. Activities may include participation on committees or leading Faculty-wide initiatives.

During the first year or two of a faculty appointment, at the discretion of the Head, teaching and service loads may be relatively light in order to allow you to establish your research program and develop your initial courses.

In order to help you carry out these varied activities, the Faculty is pleased to offer a variety of support services. Within your department, you will likely have access to administrative and secretarial services, IT services, and, within engineering, technical support in our teaching and research laboratories.