Arrival and Living in Vancouver

Once you have accepted your appointment, you may face the challenge of relocating to Vancouver and the UBC community. UBC offers a variety of services to ease this transition, particularly with respect to moving expenses and housing. As well, once you settle here, there are a number of services relating to your living environment.

Moving Expenses

UBC will cover moving costs up to a specified maximum; your department may be able to cover any portion not covered centrally. Some of the costs covered include removal of household effects, and travel expenses for you and your immediate family members, either by economy air, or by automobile.

For more information visit the UBC policy website or UBC Human Resources.


Marine DriveMany new faculty members find it convenient to rent and live close to the campus for the first few months of their appointment. Fortunately, you will discover a variety of accommodations on and near the campus, including apartments, townhouses, condominiums and houses.

The nearby community is home to many amenities including grocery stores, restaurants, professional services, schools, child care, parks and recreational facilities (ice rinks, pools, etc.).

Short-term Accomodation

UBC has several on-campus apartment buildings which are available for short- to medium-term rentals (up to three years) at subsidized rental rates. For more information on short-term accommodation, visit UBC Housing and Conferences.

Long-term Housing

Faculty members interested in longer-term rental housing have access to new, upscale, rental townhouses on the campus. These units are available on an indefinite lease basis.

In addition to exploring on-campus housing, you may wish to consult some web-based resources to assist you in your search for rental or purchase of more permanent off-campus accommodation.

Faculty Mortgage and Down Payment Assistance Program

UBC's Down Payment Assistance Program exists to aid faculty members in the purchase of their first principal residence in Greater Vancouver. The program enables those eligible to secure either a lump sum forgivable interest-free loan of up to $45,000 (taxable) for a period of five years or interest assistance of up to $50,000 (taxable, unless certain conditions apply) over a five year period, to assist with the expense of buying a home.

Spousal Employment

If appropriate, we will endeavour to provide you with advice or assist you with regard to securing employment for your spouse. Please contact your Head if this is an issue for you.

Child Care

Child CareUBC Child Care Services provides exemplary child care services for families accessing the University of British Columbia. It currently operates 24 child care programs or approximately 550 licensed spaces, and an independent kindergarten. Due to the extraordinarily high quality of care, waiting lists tend to be long. We suggest you inquire early about available space.


The UBC campus is a short distance from several high quality public and private schools for both elementary and secondary school students. The public elementary schools include University Hill, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth, and the public secondary schools include University Hill, Lord Byng and Kitsilano.

In general, the schools located within the Point Grey community surrounding the UBC campus are well respected for their academic, arts and athletic programs. A wide range of high quality public and private schools are also available across Greater Vancouver, including many suburb communities.

More information on schools and school districts in and around Vancouver, is available from the Vancouver School Board.


UBC Athletics and Recreation offers a number of opportunities for participation in athletic and recreational activities.

As well, there are a wide range of recreational opportunities off campus, associated for example with many community centres, and golf, fitness, tennis, sailing, hiking and other clubs.