UBC Applied Science researchers receive Vanier and Banting awards 


Four UBC Applied Science doctoral students have received Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships from the Government of Canada. Awardees are selected based on their leadership skills, research potential and scholarly achievements. 

Khadija Anjum, Sara Hosseinirad, Prashant Pandey and Karl Zimmermann will receive $50,000 per year for up to three years to support their work in food security planning, anesthesia delivery, ultrasound-based surgical navigation and drinking water treatment, respectively.  

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship program aims “to strengthen Canada's ability to attract and retain world-class doctoral students and establish Canada as a global centre of excellence in research and higher learning.”  

In addition, postdoctoral research fellow Yale Michaels received a Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Government of Canada in support of his stem cell work at UBC’s School of Biomedical Engineering.  

Valued at $70,000 per year for two years, the fellowship aims to support research that will “positively contribute to Canada's economic, social, and research-based growth”.  

Across UBC, twenty-one doctoral students received Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships and three postdoctoral fellows received Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships. Across Canada, 168 new Vanier Canada Graduate Scholars and 70 new Banting Postdoctoral Fellows were named this year. 

For more information about the awards and awardees, please see the announcement on the website of UBC Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholars 

Khadija Anjum
School of Community and Regional Planning
"An Evidence-Based Study on the Impact of Food Price Increases on Intra-Household Food Allocation and the Mediating Role of Social Networks in Building Resilience in Rural and Urban Communities of South Asia"

Sara Hosseinirad
Electrical and Computer Engineering
"Developing an Automated Welding Robot Using Machine Learning and Advanced Control Techniques"

Prashant Pandey
School of Biomedical Engineering
"Ultrasound-based Surgical Navigation For Iliosacral Screw Insertions In Pelvic Fractures"

Karl Zimmermann
Chemical and Biological Engineering
"Clean drinking water for the future: The power of biological water filters"

Banting Postdoctoral Fellow 

Yale Michaels
School of Biomedical Engineering 
“Engineering pluripotent stem cells to provide a renewable source of T-cells for immunotherapy”