Engineering physics robot competition: Mission Impossi-Bots

Winning team: Pomme de Terror Mission Impossible-Bots -- Pomme de Terror

On August 10, fifteen UBC Engineering Physics student teams competed their "Mission Impossi-Bots" head-to-head to see who could best travel the winding course and rescue trapped “secret agents” before time ran out.

This annual competition showcases the culmination of core prototyping experience gained by students in their second year of the Engineering Physics program. Students gain hands-on experience with the same tools used in industry for prototyping — they have full access to waterjet cutting for metal components, laser cutting systems for manufacturing plastic and wood-based parts, as well as 3D printing devices for objects, which in the past, would have taken days to manufacture.

Winners - Pomme de Terror (Tomotaka Yoshizaki, AlanTong, Paul Liu, Joel Ahn)
2nd Place - DACS (Daymon Krotez, Chris Wilson, Sonny Cervienka, Aidan Wilson)
3rd Place - Magic School Bot (Cindy Zhang, Jason Peng, Amar Shah, Lise Savard)


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