2017 President’s Staff Award Recipients — Chow and Jolly

On August 28 UBC announced the recipients of the President’s Staff Awards at the Vancouver campus. These awards recognize the personal achievements and contributions that our staff make to UBC, and to the vision and goals of the university.

Congratulations to Marlene Chow, Director of Academic Programs, Administration and Facilities in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHBE) and Glenn Jolly, Technician and Electronics Shop Supervisor' in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Marlene Chow is a leader and mentor with students in the CHBE program, helping to guide them in making connections and taking part in activities to help them succeed at UBC and beyond.

Marlene has created a number of programs such as enhanced mentoring services, resume development workshops, design competitions, and industry workshops to improve the academic experience for students.

As industry connections are key to student outcomes in engineering, Marlene has increased student participation in industrial field trips. Students regard these field trips as one of the highlights of their program.

Under Marlene’s leadership and collaboration with technical staff and faculty, lab facilities have been improved and upgraded, and lab group sizes reduced, to improve student learning experiences.

Marlene enjoys mentors students through the Engineering tri-mentorship and first-year student mentoring programs. She has an open door for all students seeking advice on job searches and career planning. Marlene also works closely with the Co-op office, to support students in getting the most out of their work placements.

Glenn Jolly’s practical electronic and technical knowledge, and his every-day mentorship and advice to colleagues, undergraduate and graduate students alike, has had a transformative influence on the department.

Glenn is the unsung hero behind many undergraduate laboratories, graduate research projects, and in the delivery of outstanding education programs. His genuine passion for his work has created an outstanding learning experience of countless undergraduate student and graduate students in Mechanical Engineering.

Glenn regularly contributes to technical content in undergraduate curriculum and has had a hand in instrumentation aspects of most of the custom-built teaching lab apparatus in the department.

As an electronics and instrumentation shop technician, Glenn has established himself as the go-to instrumentation expert, not only with students, but also with professors outside of Mechanical Engineering.

Glenn’s expertise, developed from many years of practice, has helped countless graduate students and professors in successful research projects. He is a mentor to junior colleagues in the shop, and is the force behind undergraduate labs that earned Mechanical Engineering its reputation for excellence in teaching.