Applied Science celebrates exemplary staff and faculty at annual appreciation barbecue

From left: Dean Marc Parlange, Dean's Award for Excellence in Service recipients Maged Senbel, Mary Jansepar, Stuart Mackenzie, Gwynn Elfring, Sheldon Green (not pictured: Benny Nimmervoll)

The Faculty of Applied Science held the annual Applied Science Appreciation Barbecue at the University Golf Club on May 16, 2017. Dean Marc Parlange expressed appreciation for six Faculty and Staff with the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Service. The staff and faculty were presented with a $2,000 award and a personalized plaque for recognition of their excellence in service, leadership and administration, and their contributions to the Faculty. In addition, the Faculty wished the Dean farewell, as he will be joining Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, as the Provost and Senior Vice-President in June 2017.

The Dean recognized staff members Benny Nimmervoll (Mechanical Engineering), Mary Jansepar (Materials Engineering), and Stuart Mackenzie (Dean’s Office) with the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Service for their exceptional work and dedication to the Faculty.

Faculty members Gwynn Elfring (Mechanical Engineering), Maged Senbel (Community and Regional Planning), and Sheldon Green (Mechanical Engineering) were this year’s recipients of the faculty Excellence in Service Awards. This award appreciates the work these faculty members engage in outside of their teaching responsibilities.

Dean Parlange recognized each recipient with these kind words:

Benny Nimmervoll

With caring and ingenuity combined with a passion for continuous improvement, Mech technician and machinist Benny Nimmervoll has been a driver of change. For 23 years, he has not only provided exceptional machine shop support for teaching and research, but also streamlined and improved services by envisioning and implementing new on line systems. His commitment to education is evident: mentoring in courses like Mech 491 and his successful co-application for a TLEF grant to develop instructional machining videos. Benny cares about people and diversity, and his patience, good humour, and personalized approach makes the machine shop a welcoming place for all. 

Mary Jansepar

Mary exemplifies of what this award is about. She is the unsung hero that keeps the day to day and year to year work of the department running smoothly. She is a hard worker, reliable, trustworthy, a dedicated professional and a pleasure to work with. Mary has been in the department for over 40 years and seen a lot of changes and challenges from working under 10 department heads, the growth of the department and changes in technology from typewriter to gestetner to computer. Mary has quickly adapted and learnt new skills with enthusiasm and relentless patience. Mary always gets the job done. Mary is well respected and has a great rapport with all faculty, staff and students. She is always willing to help and has a warm, cheerful attitude with a great sense of humour.

Stuart Mackenzie

Stuart Mackenzie has provided outstanding unwavering financial leadership and steady strategic guidance that has advanced the Faculty of Applied Science through an unprecedented time of strategic development and growth.  He oversaw the business plan and negotiated the financial arrangements for our new professional masters programs, provided key support for recruitment of new faculty, the development of research clusters, and infrastructure including the Engineering Student Centre. He provided financial support for the repricing for the ApSc degree programs and he oversaw the financial planning for the new School of Biomedical Engineering and supported a number of other new programs, including SALA’s newly approved Bachelor of Design.  He has also provided excellent guidance and council to all of ApSc units including significant financial restructuring for units that has allowed them to move to a much improved financial situation.  The many successes that our faculty has achieved in the past 4 years would not have been possible without Stuart’s outstanding acumen, wise advice, patient manner, grace under pressure, and long hours of dedicated effort.

Over the past year Stuart has been also working as Director of Financial Reporting and Budgeting for the University.

Gwynn Elfring

As a relatively new member of the Department, Gwynn has already made a marked impact. When he sees an issue or a problem to be solved, he jumps right in to address it. For example, he identified a need for a fluid mechanics seminar series, and took it upon himself to organize it, including obtaining funding, lobbying his colleagues for support, and finally coordinating it. The Distinguished Seminar Series in Fluid Mechanics has become a major success, attracting internationally renowned speakers from such universities as Stanford, MIT and Harvard.

Maged Senbel

Maged is the kind of colleague who goes above and beyond the call of duty in all he does. Over his career at UBC, he has consistently demonstrated exemplary leadership and service to the programs and activities that make Community and Regional Planning an excellent learning and research environment. Among the recent examples of the exceptional time and dedication he devotes to the School are the planning and delivery of a new studio course format, allowing students to apply skills they have learned in the classroom to real problems and with real partners. As both PhD Program Coordinator and Associate Director of the School, he has taken on many major initiatives with that same creativity, innovation and collaborative approach.

Sheldon Green

Having completed 10 years as Department Head, Sheldon’s name has been put forward by his fellow Heads and colleagues as a tribute to the outstanding nature of his service contributions to both to his department and to the Faculty of Applied Science. He approaches all tasks in a principled manner, and is known for rigorous governance practices and sound fiscal management. His style of leadership is highly consultative, humble and effective, ensuring an equal voice for all in matters that affect the department. He serves as a champion for students, aboriginal outreach, and diversity, and places a high priority on ensuring that all of his faculty colleagues succeed in their careers.