UBC Engineering alum helps design a world of hope in Uganda

Using his skills and knowledge acquired from UBC Engineering, recent graduate Willy Wu (BASc ’15 CIVL) joined a team of architects and engineers from around the world to build a new orphanage of Uganda. As part of Engineering Ministries International (eMi) Canada, Wu contributed to the planning and design of a Chayah Ministries children’s home which is currently at capacity.

“My main task on the trip was to assist John, the civil engineering volunteer, with carrying out the site investigation and determining conceptual water and wastewater systems,” says Wu. He specifically helped collect soil and water samples, conduct a percolation test, and determine appropriate locations for the individual components of the proposed water and wastewater system. At the end of the week, the team presented a master plan and building design to Chayah.

For Wu, the trip to Uganda is part of a larger experience with eMi. Wu is currently interning with eMi Canada in Calgary, where he is finishing up design work for the Chayah Children’s Centre project as the rest of the team continues to work on more detailed elements of the design. eMi will provide Chayah with a final report and construction details in the coming months.

For more information about eMi and their projects, please visit http://www.emicanada.org/projects.shtml