UBC Engineering professor awarded international honour for ceramics research

Tom Troczynski, Materials Engineering professor, has been elected as an Academician to the World Academy of Ceramics (WAC) for outstanding contributions to ceramics science and technology.

With more than 25 years of experience in materials engineering, Troczynski has made significant advancements in ceramics research, most notably developing biocompatible hydroxyapatite coatings for implants, stents, drug delivery systems, and novel bioceramic cements. In addition, he discovered a generic class of ceramics which could be used to create corrosion-resistant coatings, thermal barriers and heating elements in the future.

An expert in his field, Troczynski has contributed to more than 150 journals and publications, filed several patents for his work, and spoken at numerous international forums. He was nominated for the World Technology Award in 2004, and has served in leadership roles at various organizations such as Electrofuel Manufacturing Company, MIV Therapeutics Inc., and more recently Innovative BioCeramix Inc. of Vancouver, B.C. Upon joining UBC in 1991, he founded and currently leads UBCeram, one of the largest ceramics research groups in Canada.

Troczynski joins two other Canadians, including UBC Materials Engineering Prof. Emeritus A. C. D. Chaklader and Concordia University Prof. R. Drew, in the WAC Academician roster. He will be honoured at the 2016 WAC Forum in Ravenna, Italy, on June 14-17. For more information about Troczynski’s research, please visit his faculty profile