In the News - 2016
Montreal Gazette -- Dec 27, 2016
Parking crunch at Montreal-area AMT stations a bane for commuters

The Montreal Gazette interviewed Larry Frank, a professor at UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning, about urban space around train stations.

Roundhouse Radio -- Dec 19, 2016
iHeal program helps women who have left an abusive relationship

Colleen Varcoe, a UBC professor of nursing, appeared on Roundhouse Radio to talk about iHeal, a nurse-led primary health care intervention for women who have left abusive relationships

The Vancouver Sun -- Dec 16, 2016
‘This is crazy’ for Vancouver drivers, and congestion’s worsening

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Clark Lim, a UBC transportation engineer, after nearly three-quarters of people who responded to a BCAA survey said traffic is getting worse in Vancouver.

The Georgia Straight -- Dec 16, 2016
For depressed men, holiday season can add unwelcome pressures

UBC Men’s Health Research founder and nursing professor John Oliffe spoke to the Georgia Straight about the added pressures that can accompany the holiday season for men with depression.

The Vancouver Sun -- Dec 16, 2016
Robots to get run of the road as driverless cars arrive

Clark Lim, a transportation engineer at UBC, spoke to the Vancouver Sun about the ways technological advances like driverless cars can make roads more efficient, free up people’s time, save lives and decrease pollution.