In the News - 2015
The Globe and Mail -- Dec 31, 2015
Earthquake shakes Metro Vancouver

UBC experts provided expert commentary in various media outlets on the magnitude 4.3 earthquake that shook Metro Vancouver late on Dec. 29.

CBC News -- Dec 30, 2015
Parents medicating children to help them sleep: study

A new study out of Ontario has found that up to 70 per cent of children have problems sleeping and that 30 per cent of the parents were giving their kids melatonin or Tylenol to help them sleep.

CBC News -- Dec 30, 2015
Toxic mercury poisons miners by the millions

Mercury poisoning of small-scale gold miners was the focus of a segment on CBC The National.

Maclean's -- Dec 29, 2015
Canada’s drone industry? It’s just getting off the ground.

Canadian universities are starting up programs on unmanned aerial vehicles amid the growing adoption of drones for commercial and research purposes, according to a new Maclean’s article

The Globe and Mail -- Dec 28, 2015
How a green Vancouver is benefiting from China’s toxic wealth

A study on immigration and Vancouver’s housing market by Andy Yan, UBC Community and Regional Planning adjunct professor, is included in a Globe and Mail article on China’s “toxic wealth.”