Xiaoliang Jin

Xiaoliang Jin

Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

What is your educational background?

I completed my undergraduate and master’s degrees at Beihang University in China. I completed my PhD degree in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UBC. My major is manufacturing processes.

Why UBC?

UBC is a one of the world’s leading universities with beautiful campus, brilliant students and diverse culture. The good memories of my six years at UBC during my PhD and Postdoctoral period drove me back.

What are your research interests and current projects?

My research interests are the surface generation in precision manufacturing processes. My current projects include the surface texturing to enhance tribological properties, vibration assisted machining of brittle materials and micro machining of high-strength aerospace alloys.

How do you hope your work will impact society/students?

I hope my work will extend the existing knowledge base related to manufacturing, and results in a more efficient production process with higher product quality. It is expected that my work will provide students with scientific understanding of the manufacturing process and benefit their future career as a manufacturing engineer.

What item could you not live without?

I enjoy Chinese noodles and reading history books.

What are you passionate about outside work?

Playing table-tennis and reading with my kids if time allows.

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