Sanja Miskovic

Sanja Miskovic

Assistant Professor

Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering

Research Focus:

Sanja Miskovic’s research interests center upon improving the understanding, design and performance of mineral processing units and systems, mainly through the application of advanced numerical techniques using high-performance computing, innovative experimental approaches and statistical methods for big data analysis. Sanja’s expertise is in the broad area of separation science and particle technology as related to minerals industry. In her research work she utilizes numerical and experimental techniques to evaluate and understand the relationships between flow dynamics, machine design and process efficiency of often very complex multiphase and multicomponent systems. Currently, Sanja is working on the development of novel nuclear imaging system for precise in-situ characterization of dynamic changes in continuous multiphase systems. She is also actively involved in the research on optimization and control of mineral processing units and circuits for increased plant availability, increased productivity and reduction of water and energy consumption.

As a consequence of a rapid population growth worldwide, which is inevitably coupled with the constant demand for better living standards, more and more natural resources will be required in the future. This trend will surely continue, as raw materials continue to play a pivotal role in developing the next generation of green technologies, such as technologies for energy storage, energy conversion and IT technologies, among many others. Even though industries responsible for the production of raw materials provide invaluable resources necessary for the development of modern society, they are also directly responsible for environmental pollution, climate change and health problems. For that reason, the transition to more suitable and sustainable technologies that will meet the demands of both developed and developing nations, without further damaging the natural environment, human health and the Earth’s climate system, is of utmost importance. Sanja’s personal long-term agenda is to address this need through the development of innovative solutions, new technologies and processing pathways that will enable efficient and environmentally sound concentration, extraction, and refinement of minerals, metals, fuels and waste.

Prior to UBC:

Sanja received her BEng and MSc degrees in chemical and environmental engineering from the University of Novi Sad and completed her PhD in mining and minerals engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Before joining UBC's Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering, she worked as a faculty at the University of Utah, Department of Metallurgical Engineering.


Sanja’s efforts were recognized with the Outstanding Teacher Award for her commitment to teaching at the University of Utah. In addition, she is a recipient of the prestigious University of Utah Beacons of Excellence Award for creating transformational experiences that empower students. While at Virginia Tech, she received a prestigious Henry DeWitt Smith Scholarship by AIME/SME and Dean's Pratt Fellowship for Research and Academic Accomplishments.

Personal Interests:

In her leisure time, Sanja enjoys being outdoors, mountain biking, playing basketball and other fitness activities. She likes to unwind by taking long walks on the beach with her husband and daughter (and fly a kite if weather permits). Sanja is a passionate audiophile and digital artist. She loves cooking and baking, as well as creating and building things and art.