Martin Ordonez

Martin Ordonez


Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Research focus:

Martin Ordonez aims to maximize the use and impact of renewable energy sources by conducting research and development activities necessary to build tomorrow’s energy systems. Martin’s recent research achievements include the development of high performance power conversion architectures, power electronic topologies and advanced control schemes.

Working closely with industry collaborators and his research team, Martin develops techniques and technologies to build innovative power architectures capable of storing power from renewable sources, and deploying it both within the existing energy grid and in novel building-scale energy systems. By developing novel solutions and training the next generation of power engineers, Martin’s research program addresses a pressing area of modern society and social concern.

Prior to UBC:

Prior to taking this position at UBC, Martin was an assistant professor at Simon Fraser University’s School of Engineering Science. He completed his master’s degree and PhD in electrical engineering at Memorial University of Newfoundland and received his Ing. Degree in Electronics Engineering from the National Technological University in Argentina. 


The impact of Martin’s work has been recognized by Canada’s research funding agencies, including the Canada Research Chairs Program, which recently named him Canada Research Chair in Power Converters for Renewable Energy Systems.  He is also the holder of the Fred Kaiser Professorship in Power Conversion and Sustainability. Martin has received numerous national and provincial grants, including the NSERC funding and the Innovative Clean Energy BC fund and his research has been published in the leading journals IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics and IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

Personal interests:

Martin enjoys running and travelling. When, and if, more free time becomes available (not very often), he plays drums and practices salsa dancing.

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