Jonathan Verrett

Jonathan Verrett


Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering

Research focus:

Jonathan Verrett's teaching interests include peer-learning, leadership development and open educational resources. He aims to facilitate classroom environments where students are developing their knowledge and skills through interactions with peers and the instructor. These interactions should spark discussion and curiosity and push students to continually grow their knowledge and skills. He is also very interested in supporting student-led projects that develop leadership both inside and outside of the curriculum including design teams, research and entrepreneurship. He also looks for opportunities to develop open educational resources to allow students and the general public greater access to education. His technical background has touched on a variety of energy-related fields including gas hydrates, photocatalysis and biohydrogen production. His doctoral research specifically focused on the thermodynamics and kinetics of crystallizing systems (such as gas hydrates) for their use in industrial processes.

Prior to UBC:

Jonathan completed his PhD at McGill University, including six months as a visiting researcher at Université Paris-Sud in France. He previously completed his BEng at McGill University.


Jonathan has been recognized for his role in innovative teaching and emphasis on student interaction in the classroom. He has collaborated with colleagues from Japan and France as well as supervising exchange students from these countries. His technical work has been featured in journals such as chemical engineering science and fluid phase equilibria.

Personal interests:

In his free time Jonathan enjoys playing bagpipes and getting outdoors. He also fond of brewing beer, good food and wearing his favourite colour, orange.

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