John Frostad

John Frostad

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering

Research focus:

John Frostad's research is aimed at improving our fundamental understanding of multiphase fluid systems including emulsions, foams and suspensions. This type of research forms the base level of understanding needed to advance technology in a wide variety of applications including the development of functional foods, enhanced oil recovery processes, new drug delivery vehicles, more comfortable contact lenses and many others. John’s approach centers on the development of new and unique experimental tools for testing theoretical models, characterizing novel materials, and discovering new phenomena. One long-term goal of John’s research is to enable the production of new food products that are engineered to meet the various needs of modern mankind with regard to better sustainability, improved health and nutrition and higher quality of life.

Prior to UBC:

John completed his BS (with honors) from the University of Washington in Chemical Engineering and received his PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Chemical Engineering. He was a research chemical engineer at Bend Research (a division of Capsugel) and a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University.


Before joining UBC, John guided numerous undergraduate student research projects. Under his supervision, students have published work in leading scientific journals, won research fellowships, received awards at conferences for both oral and poster presentations and gone on to pursue higher education at prestigious universities.

Personal interests:

In his free time, John enjoys reading fiction, listening to podcasts, being in the outdoors, writing letters to his 21 nieces and nephews and figuring out how to do/make things himself in order to save money and get them just right.

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