Gabriel Potvin

Gabriel Potvin


Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering

Research focus:

Gabriel Potvin is an Instructor in both the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Applied Science stream of Vantage College. His technical background focuses on the development and use of novel strains of microalgae, bacteria, and yeast for the production of therapeutics, food additives, industrially-relevant enzymes, and biofuels, and their mass-production. Gabriel currently teaches courses on a number of engineering topics here at UBC, and is particularly interested in the integration of different subjects across disciplines to improve the training of engineers. He is a steadfast advocate of science and engineering outreach, and is involved in several initiatives aiming to promote education and science literacy, and encourage engineers to be more involved with the general public and serve as ambassadors to their fields.

Prior to UBC:

Before joining UBC, Gabriel obtained a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Ottawa, where he previously, concurrently obtained a B.A.Sc in chemical engineering and a B.Sc. in biochemistry.


Gabriel has been recognized with multiple awards, including at the national level, for his contributions to the promotion of science and engineering, for the success of his leadership and management of outreach initiatives, and for the measurable impact he has had on student engagement in STEM fields.

Personal interests:

Gabriel is a certified scuba-diver, and in his spare time enjoys studying Mandarin and collecting (entirely too many) old books.

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