Anthony Wachs

Anthony Wachs

Associate Professor

Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering

Research focus:

Anthony Wachs develops numerical models to enhance the comprehension of particle-laden flows, a particular class of two-phase flows. These models are implemented in massively parallel numerical codes that run on large supercomputers (WestGrid computing facilities among others). His research lies at the frontier between fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, numerical modelling, applied mathematics and high performance computing. His work primarily finds applications in the process and natural resource industry, ranging from catalyst reactors, biomass converters, solid particle solar receivers to multiphase flows in pipelines. Other applications include targeted drug delivery in the human body or sediment transport in rivers in environmental engineering. There is a strong demand for more advanced modelling tools in many different application fields. The long-term objective is to improve the energy efficiency of existing processes through intensification, together with designing new, greener and more sustainable processes using renewable materials and sources, like wood and sun. Through numerical modelling, the mastering and control of particle-laden flows, which are ubiquitous in these processes, is a rewarding research path that contributes to reduce our environmental footprint.

Prior to UBC:

Before coming to UBC, Anthony completed his Ph.D. at the Institut National Polytechnique of Grenoble (INPG), France, in 2000 and then worked 15 years at Institut Français du Pétrole Énergies Nouvelles (IFPEN), a national lab in France in the energy sector, where he supervised a research group comprising five PhD/postdoctoral students (on average) in the field of numerical modelling of particle-laden flows.  He received his BEng degree from the University of Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg, France, and MASc degree from INPG.


Anthony's research group work has been published in many fluid mechanics journals over the years (25 papers before coming to UBC in e.g. Journal of Non Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Engineering Science, Computers & Fluids and Journal of Fluid Mechanics, among others). In 2010, he passed his HDR (French accreditation to supervise research) and over his past three years at IFPEN, he was a member of the prestigious College of Scientific Advisors. He is currently a member of the editorial board of Journal of Non Newtonian Fluid Mechanics.

Personal interests:

Over his free time, Anthony likes riding his road bike, running in Pacific Spirit Park or on the UBC campus, hiking in the summer and ski mountaineering in the winter. He is looking forward to exploring the almost infinite potential of outdoors activities that BC has to offer. He also enjoys red wine and good food, travelling all around the world and discovering different cultures. His favourite books are epic novels and those about macroeconomics.

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