Ahmed Idris

Ahmed Idris

Assistant Professor

School of Engineering (Okanagan campus)

Research focus:

Ahmed is a behaviour modeller and a strong believer in public transit, given the high capacity, energy efficient and low emissions movement it provides. The domain of Ahmed’s research is simulation modelling of urban systems and travel demand analysis with main focus on studying the intertwined relationship between transportation and land use, their effect on travel behaviour and expected environmental impacts.

Using the models he develops, Ahmed can test different “what-if” scenarios and draw conclusions about the future of the transportation system that help decision-makers prioritize policies and make informed decisions. In a recent study, Ahmed examined the effect of increasing residential density on passengers’ perceptions and mode choices in the City of Kelowna; he accordingly suggested a compact mixed land use development in the city’s downtown, to promote sustainable transport options and reduce the per capita greenhouse gas emissions.

Ahmed is currently working on the design of transit routes/lines that maximize demand attraction and mode shift in small cities and rural communities where transit use is challenged by psychological aspects and land use patterns. Given that small Canadian communities have a collective population of about 4.7 million people, Ahmed’s research will help improve the quality of life of at least 15% of the nation’s population.

Prior to UBC:

Before joining UBC, Ahmed was a Research Associate at the University of Calgary, where he developed the data collection and travel demand modelling framework of a geospatial cyber-infrastructure for sustainable community planning. Ahmed holds a PhD in Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering and Planning) from the University of Toronto. He received both his BSc (Hons) and MSc degrees from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, Alexandria, Egypt.


To date, Ahmed’s research has resulted in more than 20 peer-reviewed journal and conference publications in high caliber venues such as the Journal of Transportation Research, Transportation Research Record, and Transportation Research Board. Recently, Ahmed received the NSERC Discovery Grant (DG) as well as the NSERC Early Career Researcher (ECR) Supplement Grant. As a graduate student at the University of Toronto, he received the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, as well as the University of Toronto Fellowship.

Personal interests:

Ahmed enjoys fishing the Okanagan in his spare time and has co-founded the UBC Fly Fishers (UBCFF) Club to promote healthy activities for faculty and staff members in the workplace.

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