School of Nursing Alumni and Partnership Awards Gala

The School of Nursing welcomed alumni, donors and community members to the 6th annual Nursing Alumni and Partnership Awards Gala on Thursday, May 4th, 2017 at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre at 6:00 pm.

Please join us in congratulating the 2017 Alumni and Partnership Awards recipients:

  • Young Alumni Award : Stephanie Ngo BSc 2009, BSN 2013 
  • Alumni Recognition Award: Patricia Porterfield MSN 1981 
  • Alumni Award of Distinction: Dr. Rosalie Starzomski PhD 1997 
  • Community Partnership Award: Vancouver Foundation 
  • Donor Partnership Award: Shelagh Smith BASc 1950, MSN 1982 
2016 UBC School of Nursing Alumni and Partnership Gala

On May 5, 2016 the UBC School of Nursing (SoN) hosted the fifth annual Alumni and Partnership Awards Gala. The annual event – attended by over 150 alumni, students, faculty, and friends – was held in the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

At the Gala, SoN recognized alumni and partners who have made distinct contributions to the School and to the nursing and health care community. The event was also an excellent opportunity for the SoN community to reconnect and to reflect upon its efforts, achievements, and engaged membership.

Dr. Suzanne Campbell, Director of the School of Nursing, and Dr. Marc Parlange, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science, and Dr. Colleen Varcoe, Professor and SoN triple-alumnus, opened the evening. Following their remarks, Diana Trifanova spoke on behalf of the UBC School of Nursing Alumni Engagement Committee. Three alumni – Mr. Ben Fischer (BSN 2011), Mrs. Marion Clauson (BSN 1971; MSN 1992), Dr. Colleen Varcoe (BSN 1979; MEd 1987; MSN 1994; PhD 1997), and presented the Alumni Awards to this year’s recipients. The Young Alumni Award went to Pauline Voon (BSN 2010), to recognize her work to improve pain management issues among HIV/AIDS patients. Pauline has raised almost $16 million dollars of funding to support research and training in this field. The Alumni Award of Recognition went to Ms. Patricia Woods (BSN 1999; MSN 2006) to recognize her advocacy for nursing globalism with the belief that when international nurse training is enhanced, then the lives and health of human beings globally is improved. The Alumni Award of Distinction went to Dr Gemma Jones (BSN 1985), to recognize her knowledge and expertise on dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Dr Jones has been a Dementia Care Consultant, an internationally known speaker and writer about dementia, a consultant on the design of dementia-friendly care environments, and pioneer of the cutting-edge network of Alzheimer Cafés across the United Kingdom and elsewhere. She was unfortnuately not able to attend and her friend was there to receive her award in her place.

The Partnership Awards were then presented to two distinct members of the SoN community, to acknowledge their generosity and commitment to both the School and the nursing profession. The Community Partnership Award was presented to the Mr and Mrs P.A. Woodward's Foundation, for their 47 years of support of Nursing practice and Community. Not only have they been supportive of the SoN, they have also been strong supporters across UBC, including the Faculty of Medicine and the Woodward Library. Dr David Ostrow, a member of the Foundation's Board received the award. The Donor Partnership Award was presented to Vivian Lucas (BSN 1967) for her tremendous generosity and longstanding support of the School – in particular, the Vivian Lucas Scholarship in Acute Care Nursing, which will become an endowment that will support our students pursuing education in this area in perpetuity.

Following the awards ceremony, attendees enjoyed a reception, live entertainment provided by UBC School of Music students, and the wonderful atmosphere of the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre.

Thank you to all of our recipients for their contributions to the nursing community and for their efforts to improve nursing and health care for patients and practitioners here in BC and around the world.

For further information regarding the School of Nursing Alumni and Partnership Awards Gala, please contact Deanna Salituro at or 604-822-9454.


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